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Inspiring journey of top 5 cricketers

It is often said that to achieve something great in life you need to move out from somewhere. Behind every successful man, there is a past that made them stronger and an achiever. When it comes to cricket, we, all see and think about the lavish lifestyle of the cricketers but to achieve that in life they had to struggle from absolutely nothing to become definitely something! ACA one of the best sports academy Dehradun will be discussing the top 5 inspiring journeys of cricketers who made it big and making all of us proud

1. Irfan Pathan & Yousuf Pathan

Pathan brothers grew up in mosque. They didn’t have proper place to stay and practice. They used to practice inside the empty room in mosque as their father worked as a muezzin.

2. Ravinder Jadeja

Ravinder Jadeja’s father was a security guard and his mother worked as a nurse in government hospital and they managed to live in one room from government quarters. Today he is a well-known all-rounder cricketer in world cricket.

3. M. S. Dhoni

Dhoni has witnessed fair share of struggles. His father was a pitch curator and wanted him to be a ticket collector to support life. However, today Dhoni needs no introduction whatever he has achieved it’s all because of his own strong will.

4. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar didn’t have the shoes to play professional cricket during his initial days. However, today everything that he has achieved its all due to his strong family support.

5. Umesh Yadav

Umesh Yadav is one of the fantastic fast bowlers. His father was a coal miner and to provide basic food was very difficult for him. Umesh Yadav has fulfilled his father’s dream of representing the nation on the cricket field.

Being the best sports academy Dehradun, ACA shares these few inspiring journeys of Indian cricketers who have made it big with their dreams and hard work. If you also dream to become a cricketer of next-generation, enroll today at Ayush Cricket Academy. We can help you to take a step forward towards your dream and to an established cricket player.

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