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Good Nutritional Diet plan for Cricketers

Cricket is an international game. Sports are all about fitness and flexibility and determination. To perform well in matches the players need to check on their health and nutrition, if they are eating right, they will definitely be able to maintain their fitness, stamina and play smoothly. ACA, the best academy for cricket Dehradun strongly believes that the cricketers must take care of their health and diet. The diet of the cricketers depends upon their health, body weight, height and many other factors. During the summer season, it becomes difficult yet important for all the players to keep a check on their hydration level as well as maintain a good diet to survive the long hours matches.
In this blog, we will be sharing some good nutritional diet plan for cricketers which all the aspiring cricketers can follow and stick to it.
Ayush cricket academy is known for training the best sportsmen and providing all the facilities which are required for the players to ace the game. The academy has gained popularity for its supremely talented coaches who know how to perfectly groom the players. Ayush Cricket Academy provides the best training facilities to the players in Dehradun. To make sure that the cricketers are high on their energy level, below are few suggestions which generally professional cricketers follow but yes, it also depends upon your physical features so it’s better to always consult a dietician and to make your entire diet plan!

1. Hydration

Cricketers need to level up their fluid intake to their sweat losses and it can be achieved by layering up with cold fluids during over-changes or a wicket falls, when waiting to bat and during meal and tea breaks. To maintain good hydration habits training is the best time.

2. Traning Food

Specific quantities are individualised, and all the players must first consume a high on a nutrient-dense base of foods which includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy products, lean products and vegetarian alternatives. One can also include yoghurt, extra fruits and muesli bars providing carbohydrate, boiled eggs, tuna, nuts, crackers, Greek yoghurts to make sure good muscle growth and fitness.

3. Eating & drinking during the match

It is good to intake high on carbohydrates food during your match intervals as it helps to maintain your concentration level and stimulates the brain to maintain motivation. It is advisable to carry an individual bottle to keep a tack on your fluid intake, you can also go for sports drinks, yogurts, sandwiches you should avoid tarts, pastries, cakes as these can cause gut upsets.

4. Post-match diet

Soon after your match, a recovery meal must be taken which includes foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins such as whole grains, sandwiches, rolls, yoghurts, lean products, chicken, rice or stir-fry noodles.

Fitness is all about maintaining and preparing yourself for the best. To know more about such fitness, sports and if you want to build your career in sports get in touch with the best academy for cricket Dehradun, Ayush Cricket Academy.

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