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Evolution of Indian Cricket Team Jersey

Cricket is the most fascinating game and over the years the madness and craze for cricket have always increased with no looking back. The only thing that changed in cricket is the trend of the jersey. Often the Indian cricket team is known as the team in blue. It is often identified and known for wearing different shades of blue, globally. Ayush Cricket Academy, one of the top 10 cricket academies Dehradun will look back to the history of cricket jersey and the transformation that took place over the years. This academy is an idol for all aspiring cricket players who want to groom themselves right from the scratch.

Late 1980s

In those days’ jersey used to be just plain colours with blue and yellow stripes. It was all about colours with no sponsors, brands or team name.


By the year 1992, the Indian team changed the colour into dark blue for the 1992 world cup with simply the player’s name on the back and the team name on the front.


In this year the India team jersey set a new trend with yellow colour along with blue strip with the team’s name and light blue track pants.


In 1996 world cup almost all the teams had the same colour jersey, the only difference was band colour which ran across the chest and back which signified the participation of the competitive team.


In the year 1998, the Indian jersey was changed twice. First, the jersey was completely blue with the team’s name in yellow and BCCI logo as a watermark as BCCI started to grow stronger then after few times the jersey was again changed into blue with tricolour on the shoulders.


During the 1999 world cup the jersey was changed again to light blue with yellow colour and it hugely emphasized across the chest and the arms.


The tone of the jersey was light blue with a navy blue collar.


The jersey was transformed into tricolour stroked in a paintbrush style from the bottom towards the centre on a light blue jersey. During the 2003 world cup India wore the same jersey the only difference was the dark blue stripe on both sides.


For 2007 World Cup the only change in the jersey was the tricolour stripe moving up the right side of the jersey in a swirl.


The jersey colour was changed to navy blue rest all remained the same.


Indian team won the 2011 World Cup. The colour of the jersey was somewhere between light blue and navy blue with tricolour stripes on both sides mentioning Sahara on the left sleeve as the official sponsor.


The entire look of the jersey changed drastically and the tricolour strip was now in a triangular shape. This time the sponsorship was handed over to Star.


For the 2015 World Cup, the colour of the jersey was plain blue with orange pocket lining on the track pants.


For World Cup 2019 there was no big change in jersey except for the official sponsor this time it was Nike.


The current jersey is a comeback of the 1992 World Cup oxford blue kit. This time official kit sponsor MPL sports has designed the jersey and the team had worn the jersey during the historic tour of Australia in 2020-21.

So, let us know which jersey is your favourite one of all! To get more information related to cricket and if you are searching for an idol cricket coaching centre, get in touch with us!

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