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Cricket Bibliography and Fielding Positions

Cricket is a game that is all about techniques, practice, and patience. In cricket with every new match, you need to come out with your best performance using the best techniques or creating your own and creating history! To make it easier for you to understand and start with preparation for your upcoming match, the best cricket academy Dehradun- Ayush Cricket Academy is here to guide you with some of the most difficult techniques to play in cricket, bibliography and fielding position which if you start practicing from now, you are surely going to ace the upcoming match.

Many cricketers in history have set an example by creating their own style of playing the match, which is totally unique and it’s good if you can adopt one. Of course, with hardcore practice and strong determination, you get the best output. Here we are coming up with five difficult styles, a bibliography of cricket followed by five best fielding positions, so keep reading!

On Drive Shot

A drive shot is one of the difficult shots. It is also called an attacking shot which can help to bounce up the scores. In this shot, the ball is bowled along the ground straight past the bowler and directly to the left of the mid-on fielder.

Forward Short Leg

Must say forward short leg is one of the most difficult fielding positions! It requires lots of courage and faith in bowlers with a high level of concentration and skills. Slight carelessness can lead to great severe injuries to the fielder.


In the gully, it is extremely hard to field, for this position the player needs excellent reflexes. The gully fielders are supposed to be of top-notched quality.

Reverse Swing

The reverse swings make a natural out swinger into an in swinger. It is the art of swinging the ball in the reverse direction. This style is a nightmare to every batsman.

Silly Point

The silly point is also one of the most difficult styles. In this position, the fielder is very close to the batsman and is at risk of getting hit. Silly point fielders have a high level of concentration and presence of mind is required every second. The best cricket academy Dehradun says that when it comes to fielding, these are the few ways below which you should definitely practice daily and improve in every new match!

Wicket Keeper

The wicket-keeper needs to stay calm and have a high level of concentration. The wicket-keeper stands behind the wickets or stamps and ready to catch the ball and out the batsman.

Short leg

The short leg is much similar to the same position as the silly point; the only difference is it is on the leg side of the batsman. The short leg is put in the place with the target to take catches when spin bowlers are operating such that the batsman will edge or mistimed the ball in the direction of the fielder.

Deep Mid-Wicket

Deep mid-wicket is another important fielding position. It is located slightly in front of the square and positioned on the boundary on the leg side of the field.

The Slips

The slips are another important area on a cricket field. Slip fielders usually set their position based on where the wicketkeeper is b standing. There are 4 main fielding positions within the slips named 1st slip, 2nd slip, 3rd slip, and 4th slip.

Long leg

The main task of the long-leg fielder is to block the boundary to avoid any shots going for fours. Also, the fielder will have to cover the gap between deep fine leg and deep square leg.

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